The complement system is a complex part of the immune system comprising of numerous proteins which act as a cascade. These assays are efficient as screening tools to detect complement deficiencies. 

Complement is involved in initiating an inflammatory response and destroying certain bacteria and viruses.  Where complement deficiency is suspected it maybe necessary to test for the specific components of the complement system.

Complement testing is recommended in the diagnosis and monitoring of many conditions.

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C1 Inactivator Kit50 testNK019.OPT
Range 0.08-0.88, sensitivity 0.08 (g/L)

C3c Kit100 testNK023.OPT
Range 0.025-6, sensitivity 0.025 (g/L)

C4 Kit100 testNK025.OPT
Range 0.0064-1.8, sensitivity 0.0064(g/L)

CH50 Reagent100 testNK095.OPT
Range 12.5-100, sensitivity 12.5 (U/L)

CH50 Calibrator1 packNC095.OPT
CH50 Control  
x4 L, x4 H, x4 Elevated1 packNQ095.OPT

Complement testing is recommended in diagnosis and monitoring of many conditions


Rapid automated liposome assay of accurate assesment of the classical complemnt pathway. CH50 Immunoassay on the Optilite® Analyser, ideal for busy clinical laboratories, providing optimised performance

  • Automated       
  • Efficient
  • Stable
  • Optimised
  • Convenient


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