Vaccine Response Assays

VaccZyme, Vaccine Response Assays

Specific antibody measurement

VaccZyme is a unique panel of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) for assessing the immune system’s ability to produce functionally active specific antibodies against protein, peptide-conjugated & pure polysaccharide antigens.

  • Using vaccines to assess immune response
  • Vaccine response in immunodifficiency
  • Specific antibody measurement in plasma screening

Protein Antigens  (T-cell dependent response)

VaccZyme Tetanus toxoid IgG kit96 testMK010
Range 0.01-7 IU/mL

VaccZyme Diphtheria toxoid IgG kit96 testMK014
Range 0.004-3 IU/mL

Peptide-Conjugated Antigens (T-cell dependent response)

VaccZyme Haemophilus influenzae type b IgG kit96 testMK016
Range 0.11- 9 mg/L

Polysaccharide Antigens  (T-cell independent response)

VaccZyme PCP IgG kit96 testMK012
Range 3.3-270 mg/L

VaccZyme Salmonella typhi Vi IgG kit96 testMK091
Range 7.4-600 U/mL

Research use only assays

VaccZyme PCP IgG2 kit96 testMK013
Range 1.1-90 mg/L




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